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Autoclaved aerated concrete was developed in Sweden in the late 1920s by Joan Axel Eriksson. A lack of wood, caused by forest decimation, created a need for an alternative building material.  Eriksson's search required a highly-versatile material with excellent thermal insulation, solid structure and workability - the advantages of wood, but without the disadvantages - such as combustibility, termite damage and decay. 


Fireproof: The perfect solution for fire safety, our product is noncombustible and offers up to 4 hours of protection against fires - the highest fire rating in the industry. 

Energy Saving: Our thermal insulation properties can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs.

Sustainable: Our products are often recognized among the most environmentally sustainable building materials available. We combine lower materials and energy usage in manufacturing, with a range of environmental benefits. 

Recyclable: By-products of AAC production, including hardening AAC waste and unhardened AAC mixture, are recycled back into the production process. 

Breathable: Our products breathe, allowing the diffusion of moisture vapor which helps moderate moisture levels within a building by automatically absorbing and releasing moisture. 

Non-Toxic: The finished product is completely natural, environmental friendly and non-toxic.

Lightweight: AAC is approximately 1/4 the weight of traditional concrete, saving freight and construction costs. 

Precision: An established quality control program and stringent production tolerances, allow builders to save during finishing and achieve optimal structural performance. 

Durable: Structures made with AAC are durable and will not degrade under normal atmospheric conditions. 

Quickly-Installed: The lightweight nature and excellent workability of AAC makes it extremely quick to install on-site.

Easily-Worked: Our products can be sawn, drilled, and nailed using normal wood working tools, greatly increasing on-site productivity and creativity. 

Versatile: Completely versatile, our products can be cut to any shape or angle, for use in a wide range of construction applications. From blocks for constructing load-bearing and non-bearing walls, roofs, wall and floor panels, to site and sound walls.